About Renaissoft

Since 1993 Renaissoft has been providing software and services built around Internet technologies, with the aim of leaving the Internet a little better off than we found it.

Our Philosophy

Inspired by the philosophies of the Renaissance masters, we're tinkers who enjoy taking things apart, improving existing designs, and bridging technologies in new and interesting ways. In the spirit of tinkering and refining the works of others, much of our work in that area has been released as open source software, so that other developers can learn from it and improve on our designs in turn.

Our History

Our varied history has brought us expertise in a lot of different fields, including TCP/IP networking, 3D graphics, physics, artificial intelligence, encryption, telephony, home automation, home theatre, simulation, databases, antivirus and spam filtering, technical writing, and more. Following in the footsteps of DaVinci and El Greco, we strive to master whatever subjects capture our interest, and bring a more comprehensive mindset to every project we undertake.